Wednesday, September 16, 2015

fall fashion essentials


The mornings are chillier, the leaves are beginning to turn, the pumpkin spice latte is back... we all recognize these initial signs of our favorite season: FALL. Click read more for an insight on my favorite fall fashion pieces


that one sweater- you know, that one sweater that makes everything ok, the i've-already-worn-this-twice-this-week-but-maybe-nobody-will-notice-if-i-wear-it-again sweater. My favorite is a new one of mine, a super comfy grey one I ordered off of forever 21


short boots- a timeless addition really, a solid pair of black boots will go with anything. My favorites are a pair of black chelsea boots I got at cathy jean shoes last year, and a pair of the classic doc martens (vegan leather of course.)


knit socks- a cold weather must-have! I usually pair with booties (mentioned above) or my high top converse, or just wear them alone around the house. Note: they are very good for sliding across hardwood floors.


layers- go for the classic tee-and-cardigan look, or a new favorite of mine, wearing a high necked halter under a loose, wide necked sweater.


distressed denim- go for the classic ripped skinny, or loose with the super distressed boyfriend jean. Either way,  jeans are my go-to for chilly mornings.


braids- french, dutch, side, half up, the styles are endless. My favorite is a super messy side braid.

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  2. I'm SO ready for fall and layers and big, chunky sweaters. Thanks for the inspo girl~

  3. perfect list! makes me excited for fall <3

  4. Oh, I love your style! Those boots are so cool (and so are the socks) and I love how you rock those thin jumper with the necklace! have a beautiful Fall! Sincerely,
    Vera xx

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