Wednesday, August 5, 2015

july favorites

sorry that this is a couple days late...

to watch:

Almost Famous- Probably my all time favorite film. A must watch if you enjoy rock music and intriguing female characters. Also, its on netflix now! Go watch it!

Electrick Children- Another music movie. Very interesting storyline. Thats all I'll say. Go watch it.

concert videos-  Something different from your nightly netflix binge-watch. Just youtube search your favorite band and something will surely pop up. My favorites this month have been Catfish and the Bottlemen and Twenty One Pilots.

to read:

Did I Ever Wake Up?- By Mod Sun, who also happens to be one of my favorite music making people ever. This book will change your outlook on life.

fashion & beauty:

birkenstocks- I pretty much haven't taken these off since ordering them. 10/10 recommend.  They are super super comfy and they work with a wide range of looks from rich grandpa to trail mix uncle to stylish teen girl.

vintage tees- hit up your local thrift store for these, and look in every size and section.

LUSH soap- my favorite this month has been the 'Bohemian' soap. The delicate lemony scent and smooth finish is perfect for the mid-day summer shower


iced green tea lemonade- my favorite starbucks drink of all time probably. Not too sweet but not too strong. Its also lightly caffeinated, just enough to get you through the afternoon with out messing with your sleep.

smoothie bowl- my daily breakfast go-to. My favorite is a mango and banana blend. Just blend the frozen mango, 2-3 bananas, and a bit of water together, then pour into a bowl and top with berries and granola.

bagels- On my recent trip to California, I pretty much lived off bagels and clif bars (not many options when on a group trip and you're the only vegan). My favorite topping will forever be peanut butter and jelly.


any song, i love them all -Catfish and the Bottlemen

Is There Somewhere -Halsey

New Americana -Halsey

Howlin' at the Moon -Mod Sun

I Always Knew -The Vaccines

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  1. almost famous and electrick children are always recommended for me on netflix, i'll have to make more of an effort to watch it now. and the iced green tea lemonade at starbucks is bomb! I recommend the iced black mango lemonade too, it's also delicious :)

  2. Almost Famous is my favorite movie of all time! I'm also really digging smoothie bowls lately too :)


  3. Hey where did you find your background image? I love it <3

    1. it was one of the options for the theme i'm using! just a theme from google, nothing special :)

    2. Oh okay, thanks for answering ^^

  4. I'm basically in love with Halsey rn! And I just saw Electrick Children a few days back! Also, mango is my favourite fruit (this comment is getting kind of weird now, so I'll stop with the similarities) :)